Blended Training Testimonials

Great overview of project management framework and knowledge areas for construction projects
          Cody Hopson, Site Superintendent – CCR Construction Ltd.

Awesome class, great start to moving up in a company from a junior or senior level
          Cole Raiwet, Industrial Service Manager – South East Construction

As someone fresh into the construction industry, I believe this course helped me to get a much better understanding of what’s to come and it showed me the process involved
          Ryan Froehlich – Independent contractor

Very informative, enjoyed the class greatly
          Chris Wallbaum, Estimator – All-Rite Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

I found the seminar beneficial and unbiased approach to project management. I will use the tools I learned during this seminar to mine and my companies benefit
          Ashley Gyman, Site Superintendent – CCR Construction Ltd.

A good framework to get everyone in the organization speaking the same language regarding managing projects. Everyone can benefit from this
          Nick Wallbaum, Estimator – All-Rite Construction Ltd.

This course delivers a great foundation of knowledge to anyone involved in the project life cycle from foreman to admin staff to Project Managers and CEO’s
          Ian Carlson, Project Coordinator – Braxton Construction

I found the class was highly informative and enjoyed Jason’s background and knowledge. He was very successful blending his experience and the core knowledge into a very interesting learning session
          Prasanna Shrestha, Estimator – CCR Construction Ltd.

We had two days of good discussion and interaction in the class with small group exercises. The addition of the outline support as part of the training in very helpful in learning about the PMP course
          Aziz, Rehman, PhD. Breeding Statician – Cargill

I enjoyed learning in the PMP course. The online and in-class resources were excellent. Jason's engaging teaching style simplified the learning curve and encouraged me to learn more about project management. I would recommend this course as a starter for young professionals as well as a refresher for seasoned project managers
          Syed Imran, CEO – Aquastructure Solutions Inc.

The NexLev Project Management Professional Course is comprehensive and a valuable addition to any business professional looking to understand and implement a project management framework. Coupled with the online tutorials, webcasts and support of the NexLev team, it is a valuable tool in reaching the PMP designation. Jason’s passion and commitment to project management resonates throughout the course
          Deborah Rush, Director of Marketing & Communications – Regina Regional Opportunities Commission