This workshop ensures a common language, method and globally accepted framework can be followed by all people (taken by every level of employee working on projects).  All businesses can have a common structured approach so things can flow easier and deliverables, budget, schedule, quality and plans are achieved. As more organizations use project-based methods to accomplish tasks, experienced project managers are in higher demand. Our workshop provides a skill-set valued by clients across every industry.

  • Quality & Reputation: recognized by top Colleges, Government, Associations and Businesses
  • Certifications: requirements towards PMP and CCA Gold Seal
  • Instructor: Jason Tratch, globally recognized expert in PM (
  • Blended Approach: in-class component covering the most important concepts; on-line component providing supporting details that students can take anytime at their own pace
  • Practical Component: work through a project, work with examples & templates, tests, tips
  • History: content taught for over 10 years with continuous improvement
  • Collaborative Language: best practices cross-over multiple industries and cultures

Options Available

1) Business & Project Framework 1 Day Workshop 

This workshop ensures you are prepared to work within or manage project tasks within all aspects of a project. For all levels of experience (e.g. people that interact with project stakeholders or people that lead projects). Covers 16 knowledge areas (Scope, Time, Costs, Quality, HR, Communications, Risks, Integration, Procurement, Stakeholders, Safety, Claims, Environment, Financials, Records, Relationships) and how they align with business (bring value not administration). This workshop explains the entire Framework and concepts how to use them. It also aligns teaching with the Online Courseware to ensure students can delve into the content when they want and in as much details as needed. Based on the Global Leading PMBOK ( but also includes customized tools and techniques from decades of direct use in the field (real world templates, tools and examples), and teaches detailed parameters but balances with situational learning and rich media content and interaction.

2) Business & Project Framework 2 Day Workshop

This workshop is customized for the class and is focused on scenario based exercises and discussions as defined by the class.  It delves deeper into the content covered in Day 1 to ensure you are prepared to manage or lead project tasks within all aspects of a project. It covers more examples that align with the Online Courseware and demonstrates use of select tools, templates and techniques.