Bleneded Learning Benefits

To enhance retention and advancement, NexLev provides Online Courses which were designed as individual, stand-alone courses; however, they also align with the classroom taught courses. The online courses include Online Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) and Online Project Management Professional. Online training benefits include:

Description Course Benefits & Advantages
Alignment with Classroom courses Material available before and after Classroom courses; can pre-read in advance in addition to review content after, also enables teacher to spend more classroom time on Q&A, exercises, vs. traditional lecturing from a podium
Online Learning Approach Innovative development and design interfaces, ensures customizable usability & can be adaptable to your style of learning, at your own pace, from your own location at any time
Direct Impact Delivers a conceptual overview at first (understand PM as a system) then dives into detailed tools, techniques, templates and knowledge that can be immediately used in your field of work (tangible tools)
PMI Backed Courses meet requirements to challenge PMI certifications or if already certified, then gives you PDUs to maintain certifications (
CCA Backed The PMP course content is approved by CCA and aligns with Gold Seal Program points (
Functionality Professional design includes: rich media/videos, humour, activities, assignments, dynamic tests, questions, games, dynamic matrices, study boxes, hints, links (follows design of Cyber school courses)
1000s of Practice Test Questions Take exercises and quizzes that provide detailed answers. Take the final exam over and over again, since questions change each time you take it. Test questions come from a data-bank of over 1000 questions.
Course Author Mr. Jason Tratch is globally recognized as a leader in PM, systems and business, a manager, mentor, trainer with unmatched passion and energy
Course Support Authors/ Developers Concepts and methodologies that follow professional, global best practices in gamification, backed by PhDs and experts active in the gamification profession.
Methodology & Philosophy Aligns and incorporates multiple global leading PM Methodologies, E.g. Certified in: PMI, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, FITT, ANSI, Journeyman Carpentry, plus incorporates custom in-the-field Methodologies
Weekly Live Webcasts Weekly access to live virtual classrooms where people discuss course topics, listen to guest speakers, support and collaborate with each other
Gamification Concepts and methodologies that follow global best practices in gamification, backed by PhD’s and experts active in the Gamification profession
PMI Experience (decade plus) Author and instructors have managed projects “in the real world”, evolved the methodologies & incorporated learnings into course content
Software Platform Built off the leading online training and education software platform (learning management system) called Moodle
Communication Forums Announcements, forms, email, chat rooms, blogs, webcasts, telephone, collaborative groups and social networking, available online
Interactive Tests Take tests repeatedly (questions change each time you take them), enhances learning and retention
Multi-level of Understanding Easy ability for the student to review high level conceptual overviews (understand PM as a system) then dive into detailed tools, techniques, templates and knowledge through hotlinks, matrix drill downs