Workshop Overview

Business & Project Framework

This workshop ensures you are prepared to manage all aspects of a project when complete. For advanced PMs to people that work regularly in project environments. Covers 15 knowledge areas (Scope, Schedule, Budgets, Risk, Procurement, etc.) and how they align with business (brings value not administration). Explains the entire Framework and delves into the tools, techniques, tips and how to use them. Based on the global leading PMBOK ( but also includes customized tools and techniques from decades of direct use in the field (real world templates, tools and examples). Teaches detailed parameters but balances with situational learning and rich media content and interaction.

This workshop was designed to provide knowledge transfer, tools, and techniques based on best practice concepts, methodologies, and “real world experiences”. Workshop outcome is to systematically increase the “probability of success” for your future projects. Principles of this workshop have been used to manage projects ranging from personal every-day lives to 100 million dollar advanced, high risk projects, and programs. The workshop delivers tools, techniques, processes, checklists and practical knowledge that can be put to work immediately.


The workshop is delivered in 1 to 2 day face-to-face sessions, and a 90-day access to an on-line course developed by cyber-school experts.

Supporting details:

  • Outcomes: align with global best practices in project management
  • PMI Certification: 35 Education hours (requirements to write the PMP & CAPM exam)
  • CCA Certification: 6 Gold Seal Points (acts towards Gold Seal Certification)
  • Professional Development: 35 hours of formal training (PDUs or Credits)
  • History: over 10 years taught at Private Companies, Universities, & Government.
  • Framework: based on PMI's PMBOK (most followed & accepted methodology in the world)
  • Customized: includes other methodologies (e.g. ISO 9000, 6 Sigma, LEAN)
  • Design & Delivery: from leading experts in the field of interactive online education & training
  • Online Flexibility: take it when you want it, from where you want it, just need internet
  • Pace: take the course as fast as you want, review, progress & understand at your own pace
  • Duration: estimated time to complete is 35 hours
  • Live Webcasts: weekly access to experts in PM and other business practices
  • Accreditation: backed by PMI ( and CCA (

Value: Solidify your skill set and face projects head-on with a Certification. There is no better way for professionals to keep skills sharp and gain knowledge that can immediately be applied to improve business results. It is not just about getting education, it is about getting the right education. Project management is critical to companies across all industry verticals and project managers are more and more depended on to help improve business performance. Learn “real world - situational knowledge” to challenge your PM understanding.

What is Included:

  • Access to online course for 90 days
  • Access to Live Weekly Tutorial Webcasts
  • Certificate for PMI (35 PDUs or 35 hours of Formal Education)
  • Certificate for 6 Gold Seal Points (by the CCA)
  • Certified PM Curriculum based on best practice methodologies (PMI, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, SEI, ANSI, and FITT).
  • Customized PM Curriculum based on decades of PM experience
  • Access to all functionality of the course (content, pictures, graphs, tables, links, audio, videos, exercises, games, assignments, tutorials, tests, final examination)
  • Access to checklists and templates
  • Access to professional development links (other associations and center of excellence sites for PM advancement, learning, R&D and ongoing development)
  • Interactive communication forums (blog, Q&A center, chats, lounge, forms)
  • Access to PM network (at a global level, includes students past and present, teachers, consultants, PhDs, guests)
  • Online support from Course Counsellor, instructors and the help desk
  • Learnings through “real world/situational” presentations (links to external experts)
  • Supporting Knowledge Areas content
  • Additional support tools (thoughts to challenge your PM Understanding, humor)
  • PMP Test Guarantee