Test Guarantee

Are you looking to challenge the most globally accepted and recognized Project Management Certification in the world? The Project Management Professional or better known as the “PMP” is not only sought after by project managers, but is rapidly being pursued by all types of managers, executives, analysts, and researchers.

Save your money and time, do not challenge the test until you have covered the diverse PMP scenarios that come from our perspective of the test (based on people with decades of experience directly related to the PMP). The approach is time-tested and proven and we cover unique aspects to ensure you are ready to pass the PMP test. We have continually improved on how we deliver success since first teaching the PMP back in the late 1990s (we first taught and consulted off the 1996 PMBOK).

Unique success factors of our Professional Online Course include: learning management design (by Cyber school experts, PhDs, consultants, students), our Weekly Live Virtual-Classroom Tutorials and our Content (over 1000 test questions, exercises, templates, presentations, networks, mind mapping, valuable URL bookmark lists).

Our Exam Pass Guarantee stands behind our “Value Promise”, by providing:

  • FREE course renewal until you pass
  • Unlimited hours of course content (this can be as high as you wish, yes, there is that much content available if you want to review every page and link as many times as you wish, it is all available at your fingertips)
  • Free final exam that changes each time you take it (questions are drawn from a data bank of over 1000 questions)
  • Free practical templates (used by people with real world experience)
  • Free exam tips
  • Free weekly live Tutorials (access our Education Counsellors or Project Experts for any type of help you require to pass the test)

Note: exam pass guarantee is included in the 35 Hour Project Management Course and the PMP Exam Prep Course, however is excluded from the PM Fundamentals Course. If audited, the student must provide proof that they are actively registered to write the PMP exam (PMP exam registration receipt). Students must contact the company within 90 days of failing the exam or the guarantee will not be honoured.