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Project Management is a key part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. From brushing your teeth to building a new office, everyone uses project management. Planning, monitoring and closing out projects all require some knowledge of what you are doing and have a much higher rate of success with a trained project manager. Project Managers are brought in to get things done, it's as simple as that, and getting things done is a skill that everyone can use.

Are you looking for effective project management skills so that you can complete projects on time and on budget? Focusing on the globally accepted practices of project management recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI), NexLev's courses offer you a standards-based approach to successful project management across application areas and industries.  Choose from various Project Management course offerings and earn PDU credits toward accreditation. We will customize any course to suit your culture, market, or industry. 

In-person Courses

Online Courses

  • Business & Project Framework (2 days, 16 hours)
  • Fundamental Course (1 day, 8 hours)
  • Work Breakdown Structure Course (1 day, 8 hours)
  • Microsoft Project Basic (1 day, 8 hours)
  • Microsoft Project Advanced (1 day, 8 hours)
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  • No need to travel, as classes can be taken wherever an internet connection is present
  • No limit on class size
  • Course can be taken at your own speed, allowing users to take their time in understanding concepts
  • A chance for more interaction with instructors, through videos, chat rooms and other techniques
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Who We Are

NexLev Solutions Inc. is a full service software and project management consulting company providing services in Western Canada.

Using a dedicated project management approach, our team has the talent and ability to help you with whatever projects or courses you need us for. Consisting of members who are leaders and innovators in a variety of fields, including Mathematics, Computer Science, Teaching, Physics and Project Management, we believe that our people are the best in what they do. Whether you have come to us for training/development or our software development expertise, we know that you will be happy with the people serving you. 

Our team is highly educated, experienced and advanced in areas of Project Management Consulting, Training & Education and PM Collaboration Software.

Our CEO, Mr. Jason Tratch, is globally recognized in Project Management, for more details about him please visit his blog at

Additional professional designations and certifications of our passionate, dedicated and collaborative team include:
PMP, PhD., P.Eng., P.Ag., M.Sc., Six Sigma, ISO, TQM, Market Entry, P.Ag., BSc., BSA, MBA, CIM, WWTO, CLD, Journeyman Carpentry, Wastewater Operations

Blended Training

A unique advantage of our style of training is the blended approach.  The courseware is delivered through multiple approaches, including:
a) “face-to-face” workshops (1 or 2 day sessions)
b) Online courseware (8 hours or 35 hour course) taken over a 3 months period
c) weekly virtual tutorials (with a live instructor)
The face-to-face workshop can be split into just the one day or can be attended in 2 days.  On the first day, the fundamentals of the framework are covered.  On the second day, tools and how to use them are covered.  The content covered is elaborated in the Online Course.  Thus, the student now has the option to go over the same material but at their own pace, own location and own time.
The online course contains comprehensive details, examples, diagrams, games, videos, templates, etc. It acts to solidify the retention of the material covered in-class.  While the student attends the Online course, they also have access to instructors through “live” weekly tutorials, chat rooms, email, and Q&A. The online course is recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and provides 35 professional development units satisfying the prerequisite for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. In addition, it also is recognized by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and provides 6 Gold Seal points towards the Gold Seal Certification.
Studies have shown that blended learning approach facilitates a simultaneous independent and collaborative learning experience.   This increases student satisfaction and success in the course.  The blended approach also makes the courseware accessible.  Typical project management training of this level of quality and detail takes 5 days in-class; many companies find that it is impossible to let employees take 5 days off for training.  Our 2-day workshop is a great deal more practical.

Our Software

The tools that allow you to achieve what you want

Keep track of every file, discussion, and event from beginning to end—all in one place. Use a system that works with your company's culture, not dictate how it should flow. Online project management software system that delivers your company simple and effective workflow tools for project planning, project tracking, expense tracking, and workforce management. It marries task management with powerful custom reporting in a collaborative social media style space.

Your business requires live updates, ability to get the information when you want it, anywhere, at any moment, without having to push for it or wait. This is the system you've been looking for! 2G2B is the software that encourages communications, efficiencies, and the ability to manage a project via intuitive document management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and social-media style updates.

Using a digital, cloud-based conduit, 2G2B provides transparency between business groups by ensuring that everyone is seeing the same information in a systematic way that makes sense to them. The software enables companies to clearly define roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities, so they can operate as a unit to achieve common objectives.

The intuitive user interface makes roll-out simple, the modular design allows companies to license the features they need, and the Oracle platform integrates easily with your existing tools and processes. Social-media style updates make it easy for employees to share the right information with the right people in real time. Management can make informed decisions based on current information. The software is fully cloud-based and can be stand-alone or added to existing software platforms already existing in your company.

What We Have to Say

“This is almost a Swiss army knife solution for companies that want to communicate across departments and projects quickly and cohesively,”
“The product is completely modular, so each client can choose exactly which elements they want. We do a rolling wave rollout, introducing one process at a time so that the change isn’t too sudden or overwhelming.”
“Communication is more important than anything," Jason Tratch.
“Without a lean, adaptable Collaboration Software we’d be killed by growth. As a young company, we need to react quickly to change and be adaptable. This software enables us to stay cohesive.”

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